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What We Do? - Agriculture


SAHAJ SAMADHAN FOUNDATION supports rural agriculture through Productivity Enhancement Programs, conducting extension activities and generating awareness about best practices.

SAHAJ SAMADHAN FOUNDATION also assists farmers to get the best price for their produce through market  linkages, by providing constant information about prices, helping with warehousing, assisting with buyer Our interventions are mainly concentrated on Soya and Rice ,  with smaller scale interventions in wheat, maize, mustard, fodder etc.

Currently, over 15000 families have benefited from Soya Samriddhi, with anincremental income of Rs 6000 per season; and over 3000 families have benefited from Sahaj Samadhan Foundation, with an incremental income of Rs. 4000 per season.

SAHAJ SAMADHAN FOUNDATION has also trained local women as para-agri experts krishi-sakhis who help farmers with best practices for improving productivity